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cocos3d  is a significant extension of cocos2d,cocos3d adds to this a full 3D modelling space, including 3D mesh models, perspective projection cameras, materials, and lighting. With cocos3d, you can populate your world with 3D models exported from 3D editors such as Blender, 3ds Max, or Cheetah3D, combined with models you create dynamically in your Objective-C code. And users can interact with your 3D objects through touch events.

Both cocos3d and cocos2d are built on top of the OpenGL ES frameworks that runs on all iOS devices, and both are written in the native Objective-C familiar to all iOS developers. With cocos3d, you can effortlessly create a full 3D game or application without getting into the nitty-gritty needs of the OpenGL ES state machine, and without having to switch over to C or C++, as required by most other 3D frameworks.

cocos3d home:http://brenwill.com/cocos3d/



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