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Similar to ElementParser,hpple is also a xml/html parse base of objective-c. Hpple: A nice Objective-C wrapper on the XPathQuery library for parsing HTML. Github Home:https://github.com/topfunky/hpple FEATURES Easy searching by XPath (CSS selectors are planned) Parses HTML (XML coming soon) Easy access to tag content, name, and attributes.  
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= TouchXML = == Introduction == TouchXML is a lightweight replacement for Cocoa’s NSXML* cluster of classes. It is based on the commonly available Open Source libxml2 library. == License == TouchXML is released under the Modified BSD license. == Goals == The goal is to create a lightweight NSXML style XML api that can used in environments without NSXML (e.g. iPhone). XML read only. The aim is to make a lite API for reading XML. I’m assuming most applications w...